This book will give you information to make decisions about aged care more confidently – where the aged person should best live, what care they should receive, whether the family home should be sold now or later, how to finance access to the right aged care

Information you need to make decisions about aged care

• When you become a Carer
• Issues in caring for an Aged Person at Home
• Issues in caring for an Aged person in Hospital
• Issues in caring for Someone Living in a Retirement Village
• Moving to an “Over 55” Development, or Independent Living Units
• Residential Aged Care - Issues in choosing and Moving to an Aged Care Facility
• Caring for a Person in Residential Aged Care
• Health Issues in the Ageing
• Making Ends Meet - pension and other money issues
• Assessing the Real Cost of Different Living Arrangements
• The legal Issues for Carers
• Taking care for the Carer
• Caring at the End of a loved-one's life

About the authors

Carol Flanagan and Jack Flanagan

Carol Flanagan is a solicitor with 40 years in legal practice. She is the author of 'Working Parents, Happy Families'. Carol spent several years caring for a close friend in her own home and in an aged care home. This book was a result of what she learned in that role.

Jack Flanagan is an accounting academic with more than 35 years teaching and research experience. He is a trustee for one of the major not-for-profit aged care providers and has had an active interest in aged care for the past decade. He was the co-author, with Carol of of 'Working Parents, Happy Families' and is the co-author of several editions of accounting and finance text books.

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