Get that Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessment now!

From 27 February 2017 Home Care Packages will follow the client, not the provider. There will be no allocation of home care packages to providers. Instead there will be a centralisation of package allocation with applicants, who must be over 65 years old, joining a national queue.
So be aware this will now be a competitive system and the well-informed quick mover will benefit first.
An applicant’s place in the queue will be determined by a combination of two factors:
1. the level of need based on an aged care assessment by an ACAT team, and
2. the date the application is made.
The date the application is made places an applicant in the queue on that date. Whether an applicant is moved up the queue will depend on the level of need assessed.
With the new system the demand for packages will be greater than the supply and the situation will get worse as times goes by and more applications are made for the limited number of packages available.
If you have an urgent need to get a relative or friend onto a home care package then you need to get an ACAT assessment as quickly as possible to try and get them pushed up the queue.

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