Home Care Provider Exit Amounts and Surcharges

Under the new consumer-directed care arrangements for home care packages introduced on 27 February 2017, there are changes to the relationship between consumer and provider.
Under the new system after you have been placed on the national queue you will assigned a home care package when you reach the top of the queue (we have no idea how long this might be at present). The recipient will then choose a provider to provide the care arrangement that the package covers. (This can be quite daunting and just within the postcode where I live, the myagedcare site offers 100 provider names). The provider chosen is expected to provide all your assessed care needs, so there is an obligation on the recipient and/or their carer to choose carefully.
Within the package amount allocated there will also be a requirement on the recipient and provider to ensure that the care arrangements can be provided with the package total. Users should be aware that providers can add surcharges for providing services in the evenings, weekends, public holidays and for 24/7 care. The surcharges can be as much as 50% for weekends and 100% for public holidays. The surcharges are posted in the provider’s listing on the myagedcare web site. Be aware that too many care requirements being taken in a surcharge period may eat up the annual package allocated quite quickly.
To prevent frivolous movement between providers, providers are allowed to charge exit fees although these are not mandatory. Again the maximum exit fee has to be posted on the provider’s listing on the myagedcare web site and it can be changed at any time. The Department of Health in its information to providers gives an example with a maximum published amount of $500. However, the maximum that can be charged may be lower than this amount. The exit fee will be the maximum of unspent amounts or the amount in the home care agreement if these are lower than $500.
At the time of writing this blog (11 March 2017) a few providers have listed exit amounts and surcharges on their listing on the myagedcare website, but most have not. I doubt this means these providers will not charge exit amounts or surcharges.

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