What are your consumer rights when acquiring a Home Care Package?

When the government funded packages for home care were provided to the consumer from February 2017 rather than being allocated to the provider, they became subject to Australian Consumer Law.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission recently outlined the rights of home care package consumers.

As a consumer of home care or as a carer of such a person the rights include the right to:
• choose a provider
• take time to assess whether the agreement is right for you or your loved one
• not to be pressured to accept a package
• the provision of honest and accurate information
• a service delivered on time with care
• receive service of acceptable quality

Having found a provider you should check the agreement to ensure you understand it and the terms seem fair (that is the provider does not have more rights than the consumer).

If something goes wrong you have the right to complain – initially to the provider then try the Older Persons Advocacy network on 1800 700 600.

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