Updated Retirement Standards Budget

The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia recently updated its Retirement Standards Budget for 2018. The research updated the budget to contemporary living standards with prices current at April 2018. The updating has required a series of judgements on the items captured in the various bundles of goods and services included. The modest and comfortable[…]

Home care package pricing

Until now getting information on the prices charged by providers for different items has been a bit of a hit and miss activity. By 30 November 2018, however, home care providers are required to publish their current pricing information on the My Aged Care Service Finder website either as a downloadable document or via a[…]

Reverse Mortgages and an Ageing Population

Currently over $500 billion of Australia‚Äôs home equity is held by individuals and couples aged over 65, with about 70% of older Australians owning their homes outright, yet a shrinking proportion of older individuals and couples are capable of enjoying a comfortable income in retirement as they are asset rich and income poor and often[…]