June 6, 2016

Happily Ever After is broken into 14 chapters covering all of the issues you need to be across in making informed decisions about community care, moving to a retirement village or residential aged care facility for yourself or someone you care about.

Chapter headings and content:


    What this book covers

    1 Introduction

    A note on the resources detailed in this book
    Note about the terminology of aged care

    2 Becoming a Carer

    I am the carer
    Carer’s leave
    Planning ahead (or the lack of it)
    How to prepare ahead of an unforeseeable future

    3 Caring for an Aged Person at Home

    Which home, theirs or yours?
    Moving house
    Bringing the aged person to live in your home with you
    Financial and legal issues of sharing accommodation
    Be clear about what is intended
    Dealing with your parent or friend’s increasing needs and worsening health
    Making changes to your home to accommodate the aged person
    Clearing and cleaning
    Getting help
    Medical issues
    When you need medical information and help
    Looking after someone who is sick
    Keeping a person hydrated
    “Giving a four-star bed bath”
    Bed sores (or pressure ulcers)
    Modifying a house to assist a disabled or fragile resident

    4 Caring for an Aged Person in Hospital

    Helping someone settle in to hospital
    How to help in hospital
    When decisions need to be made
    When someone with dementia is in hospital
    How the health system works
    Understand the public and private health system divide
    Out-of-hospital services
    In-hospital services
    What’s not covered by Medicare?
    How do you pay the doctor?
    How the hospital system works
    What can you do to get the best care for your
    aged person in hospital?
    Too much medicine or too little care?
    Intensive care unit or palliative care centre?
    Complaints about health care

    5 Caring for Someone Living in a Retirement Villag

    “Over 55” Development or independent living unit
    Is it a park? a community? a village? a retirement village?
    Why does it matter?
    Retirement villages
    Where you can help

    6 Residential Aged Care— Choosing and Moving to an Aged Care Facility
    The once unthinkable: moving out of their home
    How to facilitate the decision to move
    How to choose the right aged care facility
    The big move

    7 Caring for a Person in Residential Aged Care
    Immediate surrounds
    Your visits
    Arranging for other visitors
    Complaints about aged care

    8 Health Issues in the Ageing
    Nutrition and diet
    Dealing with special health issues

    9 Making Ends Meet
    The effect of government policy on you and your ageing relative or friend
    What you need to know before making financial decisions
    Access to social security
    Eligibility for a pension
    Means testing for pension benefits
    Granny flats for social security purposes
    Other issues relating to assets

    10 The Real Cost of Different Living Arrangements
    Services for people ageing in their own home
    Moving to an independent living unit or retirement village
    Changes to the aged care sector 2014-2017
    The future

    11 Legal Issues for Carers
    Family agreements
    Capacity in relation to wills and other documents
    Powers of attorney, enduring guardianships and advance care directives
    Financial abuse
    Legal issues arising after a person dies

    12 Care for the Carer
    Be realistic
    Helping yourself
    Acknowledge that the caring role is as demanding
    as it is important
    Accept that you won’t be able to do it all
    Be realistic about what can be done within the
    relationship you have
    Get enough rest
    Take a break
    Set limits
    Enlist other members of the family to help
    Accept offers of help
    Let it out
    Grief and losses
    Find time to think
    Accept what can’t be changed

    13 Caring at the End of Life
    Choosing death
    A living funeral
    The place where we die
    Dying at home
    Caring for someone in their last weeks or months
    Dealing with fear
    When death comes
    Paying for the funeral and related costs
    The funeral
    After the funeral of your loved one
    The nature of grief
    Losing a partner
    Losing a parent
    Becoming an orphan
    Ways to help yourself grieve
    Practicalities of death and estates

    14 Reflections on the Future
    When carers will become those cared for
    Changes we’d like to see
    About the Authors